Dansguardian-virus is the Dansguardian package (http://dansguardian.org) with the Xperience anti-virus plugin (http://www.pcxperience.org/dgvirus/). This package was originally taken from http://www.harvest.com.br/asp/afn/dg.nsf and modified for SuSE 9.0. [24-11-2004] Only drawback is that zlib is disabled because of < 1.2.1 version on SuSE 9.0. This direcotory contains 2 versions, one with libclamav and one with clamav socket support. For the clamav package see ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/clamav/9.0 [04-05-2005] Added DG-clamd-6.3.8 (DG & clamd-patch 6.3.8) to file list. It uses zlib 1.2.2-5, which was originally for SuSE9.3 but recompiled for SuSE9.0 (not fully tested). but enables compressed content. Use it at your own risk!